Here at Ironwood Soaps I specialize in organic soaps utilizing the highest quality ingredients for soap that is wonderful on your skin and beautiful to look at also!  I use essential oils and also fragrance oils that are phthalate free.  Phthalates are chemicals used in detergents, perfumes, soaps and other products to make the smells last longer, but are also neurotoxins that can cause headaches and sensitivities in some people.  

Handcrafted soaps have a higher price tag than your counterpart commercially made "soaps", but the benefits are numerous.  Once you try a handcrafted soap, you most likely won't use any other kind.  Most commercially made "soaps" aren't actually soap at all, but detergents chock full of synthetic ingredients which can lead to skin problems like dehydration, exzema, prematurely aging skin and skin allergies.  Handcrafted soaps combine the oils and butters in a specific combination with sodium hydroxide (lye) in a process know as saponification to create soap.  This is the only way you can make real soap.  After the chemical reaction called saponification, the oils, butters and lye change their nature and become soap.  There is no harmful lye leftover in the end product.


1.  INGREDIENTS: You know the ingredients of the soap.  Most soapers use vegetable oils and butters to create a wonderfully creamy, bubbly, gently cleansing bar of soap.  These oils and butters impart their natural goodness of amino acids, nutrients and vitamins essential for healthy skin.

2.  GLYCERIN:  The glycerin is typically removed from commercially made "soaps" as it is very valuable and is sold to higher priced body care and pharmaceutical product companies.  Not so with handcrafted soap.  They retain their natural glycerin content which lends it's emollient qualities to soften your skin and maintains water balance by attracting moisture to your skin.

3.  SUPPORTING A SMALL BUSINESS owner and their dream!  You can feel good about supporting a small business who cares about making a quality product.

4.  VARIETY!!  There are so many wonderful choices when it comes to handcrafted soaps!  Whether it's the wonderful ingredients or just because they are beautiful or you just love all the smells.  

5.  SUPPORTING A GREAT CAUSE:  When you purchase my soap, it helps to take care of senior dogs here at our senior dog sanctuary near Braham, MN.  We take in dogs that would otherwise be killed in shelters due to overpopulation and nobody wanting the old or sick dogs.   We have been in dog rescue for many years and they are very near and dear to our hearts.  We are a 501c3 non-profit.  www.rescuedpaws.org

Thanks so much for your support!!

Tracy Lundahl